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Emergency Malfunction Treatment of sewage treatment and dra

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Reasons for Emergency Failures

1. The drainage system of sewage treatment will be worn or aged in different degrees because of the long years. For example, the aging of drainage pipes, the longer the time they are used, the more slowly these pipes will corrode the wall of drainage pipes because of the acid and alkali of the water quality itself, which will lead to the emergence of pipelines. Leakage and other emergencies occur due to cracks and other reasons.

2. Leakage occurs or does not close tightly. In general, the phenomenon of leakage occurs in the screw cap because of the gap between the filler and the valve stem in the equipment.

Emergency Failure and Solution of Water Pump Equipment

Pump out water stop?

1) Part of the reason for this is the water shutdown caused by the bottom valve exposed due to the low volume of sewage in the reservoir.

2) The second reason is that the long-term treatment may cause the accumulation of pollutants in the water valve, resulting in blockage.